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«Altai Tractor» OJSC offers for sale:
Objects of property

The detached one-storeyed panel building of machine shop №3 with bricked two- and four-storeyed extensions of general area of 7,305.4 m2, situated at: 17, Tractornaya Str., city of Rubtsovsk.

Suggested price for sale: 10,796,400 (ten million seven hundred ninety six thousand and four hundred) roubles.

Leasing of manufacturing and store-house buildings and areas.

Address of owner:
«Altai Tractor» OJSC
Post address: 17, Tractornaya Str.,
Rubtsovsk, Altayskiy Krai, 658212
Phone: (385-57)3-32-79. Fax: (385-57) 3-74-72.