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First altai tractor ASHTZ-NATI with a kerosene engine Brief introduction

The Altai Tractor Works was founded in 1942 i.e. in the hard time of the Great Patriotic War. Its basic equipment was evacuated from the Kharkov and Stalingrad Tractor Works. Before the Great Patriotic War Rubtsovsk looked like a small steppe town. But unexpectedly the War greatly changed the life of this district centre located in the Altai Territory. In February 1942 special trains with equipment and evacuated specialists began to arrive at Rubtsovsk. With the greatest possible speed the former granaries were transformed into iron foundry, toolroom, repair, press, engine and assembly shops and others. At the same time the steel foundry and the forge shop as well as the heat and power plant with a complicated system of water intake installations on the Aley river were being built. Before starting the heat and power plant the shops were supplied with electrical power by the power train. Horses were used for production parts to be transported within the Tractor Works.

DT-54 The 24th of August, 1942, became the Works' birthday. On that day the first tractor ASHTZ- NATI with a kerosene engine was assembled. In this way, in a short time and the most difficult conditions of the war the Altai Tractor Works was built. In this country it was the only plant producing tractors to meet the needs of front and rear organizations.

The Motherland highly appreciated heroic efforts of the workers during the war. In acknowledgement of the achievements in reaching the Government targets in the plant construction and tractors production the Altai Tractor Works was for ever given the Red Banner of the State Committee for Defence and a group of specialists was awarded various oreders and medals. Late in the year 1944 the first sample of the DT-54 tractor was assembled, for the working out of which a group of designers and engineers were awarded the State Prize.

In accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, on the 1st of July, 1946, the plant was given the name of The M. I. Kalinin Altai Tractor Works.

The peace time raised the problems of tractor modernization and safety. In 1952, without an interruption of the production process the plant started making tractors of DT-54 type. At that very time the plant began manufacturing agricultural diesel tractors in large quantities and a large group of experienced designers was being formed. In the years of virgin and long-fallow lands development the plant workers produced 9630 DT-54 tractors for Siberia and Kazakhstan where that type of tractors was mainly used. In addition to agricultural tractors the plant also produced the DT-55 marsh tractor.

TDT-60 In 1956 it was decided to start producing skidding tractors for forestry at the Altai Tractor Works. In October, 1957, the first TDT-60 logging tractor was assemblrd without an interruption of producing agricultural tractors. In 1958 in Brussels this tractor was awarded the First Class Diploma, the highest reward of the World Exhibition and the gold prize Grand-Prix.

TDT-75 The specialists of the Works continued working at the more powerful TDT-75 skidding tractor. In May, 1962, this tractor was put in production. Having launched the manufacture of skidding tractors, the Altai Tractor Works became one of the largest enterprises in the east of our country.

Since January, 1965, the plant began to produce the T-4 tractor with an engine power of 140 h. p. The T-4 tractor was completely designed and produced only by the Altai Tractor Works. As to the other tractors e. g. the STZ-NATI, DT-54, TDT-60 and TDT-75 tractors, they were all made with the assistance of some other enterprises and research institutes. One of the modifications of the T-4 tractor, the T-4M tractor, was awarded the Golden Medal at the Moscow International Exhibition in 1966.

Order of Lenin On the 25th of July, 1966, in accordance with the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Works was awarded the Order of Lenin for a successful accomplishment of the seven-year-plan targets and for the development of new more powerful tractors. More than 11 thousand tractor builders were awarded orders and medals, three of them were Heroes of Socialist Labour.

T-4À During the following years the Works constantly improved the machinery designs. Since 1970 the tractor builders have been producing the T-4A tractor, a more powerful agricultural one. On its basis the T-4AP2 engineering tractor, an industrial model for building roads and construction jobs, was designed and put in production.

TT-4 Since November, 1971, the plant has been making the TT-4 Skidding Ttactor for forestry. Wide introduction of new fully mechanized timber cutting technologies necessitated the creation of the TT-4M log single-seater tractor.

Engineers and designers of the Altai Tractor Works constantly try to improve the tractors produced. In 1989 the T-250 new generation tractor, produced by the plant, became well-known not only in Altai but also throughout the country. This tractor successfully passed a compararive test with the American tractor "Challenger-65" produced by Caterpillar Co., and received a high appraisal.

Early in 90s, in connection with the general economic depression, the demand for agricultural machinery suddenly sank. In this time much work was done to extend the sphere of use of tractors and to design mini-tractors. Many spare parts and assembly units which earlier were manufactured by other plants, are now produced within the area of the Works.

T-404 Some steps are being taken to gradually transform the production of the T-4A tractor into that of the T-250 tractor. In 1997 the T-402 tractor was put into flow-line production. In 1999 the small lot production of the T-404 tractor was started. The skidding machine is the basic model of 12 types of timber machines produced in Siberia by 8 timber machine building plants. At present Altaiskiy Tractor OJSC produces the T-4A and T-402 tractors in job lots. The T-404 and T-250 tractors, mini-tractors(which are made to order) and the TT-4M log tractors are produced in small lots.

Design office enginneers and experts always make efforts to improve tractors and to design new models of them Some multipurpose caterpillar tractors of a new generation are now tested. The range of its modifications includes the MTM manipulator skidding machine, the LT-187 A and the TT-4M timber loader.

The thoughts are directed to the future. Nowadays the Works must be prepared for production of modern, high efficiency machines for forestry and agriculture. For more than 60 years the Altai Tractor Works, holding the Lenin Order, has become the enterprise of high culture production. Tractors with the ATZ trade mark are exported to many countries and are widely known abroad. Owing to well-co-ordinated, creative work of managers and engineers in order to improve production technology and management system the enterprise can operate and progress smoothly and steadily.

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