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   “The «Altai tractor» open joint-stock company is now a leading manufacturer of power intensive crawler tractors of the 4-5 traction class for agriculture, timber industry and highway engineering enterprises of Russia. Almost for the 60 years period of development the factory was generated in viable, workable and qualified collective with a high technological potential permitting to supply the consumers with diverse tractor machinery.

   The creative work of Council of directors, members of management board, engineering services and workers on perfecting of production, technology, structure of management allows the enterprise to work stabily and to decide economic problems. Open joint-stock company conducts active technical policy: the modernizing of serial tractor engineering with improvement of its technological parameters, increases a model number of agricultural and timber industry tractors with supply of technological equipment, develops machines of a new generation for power-saving technologies. Support of administration of Altai Territory, the maximum sufficing of the requests of the consumers and partner interaction with regions of Siberia, Far East, European part of Russia create actual premises for the sure development of the open joint-stock company hereafter.”


Plant management building The Altaian tractor plant situated in Rubtsovsk town of the Altai Territory was organized in 1942. In 1974 it was renamed into the production association «Altai Tractor Plant» and in 1992 — has been reorganized and named into the open joint-stock company «Altai Tractor».

A wide range of produced tractors covers almost all jobs to be performed by crawler tractors. The up-to-date machinery produced by the company and equipped with a set of mounted and trailed implements is used in: agriculture (ploughing, harrowing, cultivation, etc.); reclamation (laying of canals, drainage installation, shrubbery cutting, stubbing up stumps, etc.); forestry (felling, skidding, lumber loading, building of log-carrying roads, etc.).

Besides, the Altaian tractors are applicable as base machines for mounting crane, special geological prospecting equipment and other mechanisms meant for performing various jobs while in stringing of power lines, construction and servicing of oil and gas pipelines as well as serve as reliable vehicles when working under extremely severe conditions.


OJSC ALTTRAK OJSC ALTTRAK The output of powerful and highly serviceable machinery became possible thanks to good technical equipment of the plant, use of up-to-date technological equipment and highly productive machine tools. The mechanical assembly production employs mechanized flow and automatic transfer lines equipped with highly efficient equipment, fast-acting devices, interoperation facilities of details transportation.

The plant is provided with press-forging and welding equipment, with painting-drying systems and overhead conveyers functioning in shops. In the near future we plan to introduce numerically-controlled machines. The availability of experimental base and test stands make it possible to carry out intensive dynamic and life tests of various tractor mechanisms.


OJSC ALTTRAK OJSC ALTTRAK The company has a network of technical centres in Russia and CIS countries to perform technical maintenance of tractors during guarantee and after-guarantee periods of operation. The technical centres execute control over service regulations, compile information on technical condition of tractors used, their reliability, demands for spare parts, consider machinery quality claims made by farms, eliminate defects, etc.


OJSC ALTTRAK OJSC ALTTRAK The plant is known for its large social, everyday-life and cultural base. At the personnel's disposal are scientific-technical and fiction libraries. Palace of culture and engineering, business club «Fortuna», sanatorium-dispensary «Yubileiny», rest base «Petukhov Log». With a food-supply and public catering shop attached to the plant, the company has opened a number of stores at the nearby territory to sell foodstuffs and manufactured goods.


OJSC ALTTRAK OJSC ALTTRAK In our complicated time we have retained the production personnel, work at updating our basic products, make new models of machinery and samples of consumer goods, construct housing accomodation for the personnel, maintain a great number of social, cultural and everyday projects.

The chieves, specialists and workers have carried out an important work to complete the external and internal concentration of production and have worked out the long-term programme of production of the latest machinery and introduction of progressive technology. Work is currently under way on modernization of produced tractors so as to expand their functional potentialities.

Advance — our credo!  

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